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At This Table, Everybody’s Welcome - Holiday Table Inspo

Calling all entertainers!

Rob and I made the decision after Jack was born to always be at home for the holidays. The reason is, we want the kids to feel the magic of Christmas within their four walls, to experience traditions we begin as a nuclear unit year after year. And another reason is that obviously, entertaining is my jam. Everyone can come to us and I get to make some magic for them (alongside Santa of course)!

I love a Christmas menu but strongly believe your table scape is just as important as the meal itself. Come along as I decorate my holiday table for some inspo you can easily replicate!

What you’ll need:

  • Holiday dinnerware, glassware, flatware, and napkins

  • Fresh garland

  • Candles

  • 3-5 bulb ornaments (different textures and sizes)

  • Velvet ribbon

  • Cardstock and Sharpie marker

  • Various Christmas tchotchkes and/or fruits (whatever tickles your fancy)

  • Booze, if needed (you do you!)

I love to begin by creating a centerpiece. I like to keep it low to the table with the exception of candlesticks. Adding decor that is too heavy blocks the person sitting opposite from me, and the holidays are all about togetherness, so candles provide a strong focal element without distracting your view. Our table isn’t large- seats 6 and probably about 36” wide. Its’ more of a worktable than anything else, but when I dress her up, she can sure look pretty!

I was so excited to find these unique and locally made candles and collected brass angel candlesticks from wldwst this year! First comes the garland. I go fresh. Fake works just as well, garland has come so far. I then place my candlesticks throughout. I fill in the empty spots with some bulb ornaments from my stash (and a new one gifted from a friend’s ornament exchange this year.) Lastly, some baked oranges. Last year was my first time making fruit for my garland and I have to say, I’ll never go without it. Get creative! Bake not only oranges but lemons too. Throw in some fresh cranberry, maybe even a pomegranate or two in place of bulbs if you don’t have them.

Next comes my dinnerware and glassware. I know I sound like a broken record to any of you who follow me on this blog but BUILD OVER TIME. I’ve been collecting my set from Williams Sonoma for about 3 years now, and just this year treated myself to a platter and these glasses. In years past I have used regular glasses and platters and it was just as nice. I don’t need it all, I want it all and there is a big difference between a want and a need. I shop all my ‘Twas the Night set (even my holiday linens) on the off season or at the outlet nearby. Doing this ensures I save a dollar or two and allows me to sit with what I have and fill in the gaps for what I don’t.

My plates are set on chargers - you can find so many different ones in a variety of colors. Mine are Threshold for Target but you can find really nice ones at local craft stores that are almost identical for a quarter of the price. Side note: I have also been loving round placemats in place of chargers. It gives a similar look but with texture. I LOVE TEXTURE! It’s a big reason I use velvet in my holiday place settings.

Which brings me to a simple and classic place card. I grabbed some leftover navy ribbon I had, cut some white card stock and used my go-to sharpie marker to create this look. Anyone can do it, easy peasy! You can handwrite or type them- both look fabulous!

To finish it off, I used these sweet ceramic trees I found on Black Friday at Lizzies in downtown Lexington, Va. - they were the perfect touch to make my place cards noticeable. I think jingle bells, cinnamon sticks wrapped in twine, and miniature bottle brush trees achieve such a similar look and are easy to find anywhere!

I try not to be too matchy matchy. My plating is a set, but each has a different design. Same with the ceramic trees and even my candlesticks. They all go together but are different. It makes them feel more unique and less manufactured. And as years go by they will feel collected vs. bought!

Whether you’re hosting for 2 or 22, make it magic. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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