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Five Tips and Tricks to make you FALL in love with decorating this season

It’s been a minute since my last blog but I’m back for one of the most exciting seasons of the year - FALL! Here are my top 5 tips and tricks when it comes to decorating for this beautiful season!

1. TEXTURE: Yes, that pumpkin you have is lovely on the shelf, but if you add anything to your house for the fall season it should be to ADD TEXTURE. Blankets and pillow covers are a great way to do this. My favorite go-to textures are velvet, fur, Sherpa and heavy knits.

I find most of my pillow covers at Pottery Barn, but Target has become a great option lately and Studio McGee has started to make covers vs. full on pillows - just swap that cheap insert it comes with and you would think it was PB, but half the price! One of my fave influencers, My Texas House, also has a décor line at Walmart and her covers are no more than $15, and the styles and quality are amazing for the price point! Tip: try to pick some of these texture elements in neutral colors so you can circle them back into rotation after the holidays for the winter months. I use my cable knit or fur throws and pillows in October AND January. A way to save money and decorate for both seasons beautifully!

2. FLORALS: This is by far the easiest change to any home year round, season to season. It can get pricey depending on where your get your florals. I find my stems from Threshold for Target. They range from $5-$10 and I have to say, the realism gets better year after year. I also find my wreaths from Target as well - most are $35, and I find it creates a cohesive look when I have the exact stems to match.

I love adding florals like cotton, hops, and burgundy blooms. Each adds color, texture and are eye catching in their own way. Tip: Not everyone is into the fall floral options - sometimes the colors or actual stems that represent fall just don’t do it for people, so if that is you, I find Eucalyptus is an option that works great year round. It feels like spring, summer, fall and winter and the soft green for me is a color I’ve added into my fall décor over the years.

3. COLOR PALETTE: My biggest game changer when it comes to decorating for autumn! I used to do overwhelming amounts of traditional colors - oranges, reds, browns, and yellows - and I got sick of it real fast. As soon as I started to play off the colors of my home - creams, grays, corals, earth tones and blues, with only touches of the traditional fall colors, I felt more “at home” in my space. And it's important to always feel at home and content where you're sitting... remember you live there, not your neighbor or friend! Tip: Don’t throw away all that orange quite yet! You never know when you want to incorporate it in here and there for a change. I’ve slowly begun to add those traditional pops of orange and yellows this year, all while keeping my main palette neutral. A random orange leaf against my claret bloom; or even a golden yellow hop with some white pumpkins. Sometimes you need a year off from the colors and other years you may want to embrace it!

4. PUMPKINS: Like Easter is mostly bunnies, fall is mostly PUMPKINS. So how does one mix it up?! By making sure you collect different kinds! Velvet, Straw, Ceramic, Glass, Suede, Felt - COLLECT THEM ALL. I rarely have more than 2-3 of the same and that’s only if they are small. And I usually change it up year to year to which pumpkins see the shelf.

Pumpkins also come in forms of SIGNS! We have a new addition in our home - a watercolor pumpkin framed beaut. Last year I shared our family Pumpkin Patch sign, and it got a small facelift this year. Tip: be sure to mix in a few other decorative notes in between - squirrels, acorns, owls, turkeys… those small hints will make your pumpkins really stand out!

5. SMELLS: GIVE ME ALL THE PUMPKIN SPICE! My fave essential oils are from Young Living or doTERRA, and we diffuse nutmeg, clove and cinnamon bark, mixed with either tangerine or orange as much we can during October and November. I also sometimes throw in some Thieves or OnGuard for the 99% germ free air. My fave diffuser is by Serena House. She’s so pretty, I have her on every floor in almost every room!

Tip: Serena House diffusers almost always go half price at Kohl’s Thanksgiving week! And you can also find them in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. So though the sale isnt right now, if you are in need grab them then. Save when you can, always!

There you have it! My top 5 tips to help transform your home from summer to fall! Add one of these elements or add all and you will be set! Grab your Pumpkin Creme Cold Brews and get going. IT’S FALL Y’ALL!

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