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Creations By KK x Target

As I said in my last blog, receiving gifts is my love language. Love to give them, love to get them. But most of all, I love the message and thoughtfulness behind a gift.

Mothers Day is a few weeks away, but for my shop it’s right around the corner. Orders begin around this time and don’t stop (seriously, I get request up until the day before). I thought it would be fun to pair some things from my shop with some goodies from everyone's neighborhood store (and my personal favorite hangout), Target. I mean, that bullseye brings me LIFE.

1.Silhouettes by Creations By KK and Threshold Brass and Black Frame:

Dads take note. What’s awesome about my silhouettes is you can determine your size and print on your own - as many copies as you want. It will cover Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma - all the female figures in the family! This frame is well priced and comes in 3 sizes. The brass detail is EVERYTHING!

2. Tea or Coffee Plaque/Sign and Mug/Teas/Coffees:

Most moms love their kitchen - especially a decorated one. And hold the door! I cannot believe Target has a “love ya, mean it” mug. My fave saying. A M A Z I N G. Grab this, head down the coffee aisle and grab her favorite tea variety/coffee. Want to take it up a notch? If ordering the “Coffee til Cocktails” sign, grab her favorite wine while you’re there too. This gift takes her morning until night! Want something to involve the kids?! Grab a plain mug instead from the bullseye section, decorate it and bake it! She will think of this gift with every sip she takes!

3. Naptime Sign, Slippers and Target Gift Card:

Mom to Be? New Mom? Seasoned Mom? EVERY MOM! This sign is one of my most popular and will help any mama get that much needed quiet time to recharge. And speaking of a recharge, who doesn’t feel ready to take on the day after a trip down the aisles of Target?!

4. Important Dates Sign and Journal:

Commemorate the special moments in her life with this framed sign and give mom a blank journal to write down memories of dates to come! And if you happen to be a writer yourself, maybe write a note on the first page of what mom/grandma/aunt/sister/daughter means to YOU!

5. Door Sign and Wreath:

Again, Dads. This one is sure to please. Target has fab wreaths. I tend to favor Studio McGee myself - your home is likely already filled with some of it. Mom/Wife will be over the moon if you found her a wreath or something from the spring rollout of their brand with Target. Pair it with a name door sign and it takes the effort from good to better with personalization!

6. Garden Markers, Vegetable Seeds and Planter:

These are a hit year after year. And it’s really a gift that doesn’t break the bank. Grab a few of these planters or even something more simple, place a few of her favorite packets inside along with these garden markers. Wrap a bow around it and you not only have a thoughtful gift, but one already packaged too! Want something even more personal? Have the kids stamp their handprint on a piece of paper and glue it to a popsicle stick. Homemade flowers sure tug at the heart!

There you have it! A small list of simple yet thoughtful, personal gifts ideas that are sure to please. Gifts don‘t have to be extravagant to be a hit - as I also said in my last post, gifts given in love are the best of all. Happy shopping! And to all the moms reading this - YOU ARE ALL MOMSPIRATIONS! Love You, Mean It!

PS - Funny story to leave you with - I live in a jumpsuit basically from May - September. If it’s not athleisure it is likely a jumpsuit. So for Mothers Day 2018 when Rob and the boys got me a new one to add to my collection, I was thrilled. Fast forward to Mothers Day 2019. A beautifully staged bag sat on the table and Rob, Jack and Henry were so excited for me to open it. As I took out the tissue, there was something familiar about the gift inside. Folks... it was the SAME jumpsuit from the year before. And Rob had no clue. In fact he said, “I saw this jumpsuit and thought of you, do you love it?” Ummmmmm lol. His face, the excitment. I’ll never forget the thoughtfulness of wanting to give me that jumpsuit, even if it was a repeat. It has given us so many laughs over the last couple of years and unbeknownst to Rob, that truly is the best gift he could give me - Memories like this one. Love. That. Man!

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