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A few of my favorite February (Part 1)

I love celebrities and all things royal. Always have, always will. I love all the juice, gossip and everything in between.

A celeb I am currently fan girling over and have been for some time is Candace Cameron Bure. She is unapologetically herself and I mean is QUEEN of the Hallmark Channel - that right there justifies my love for her. And any 90's kid has to feel the nostalgia of watching Fuller House on Netflix. Rob and I would binge an entire season in a day. You will learn as you get to know me, we are VERY committed show bingers. When in doubt we have watched it, watched it fast and likely multiple times if it's good...

So in true, devoted fan girl fashion, I have also decided to not only follow and love her movies and shows but to also try any and all of her products she puts out there. Her authencity on Instagram and interviews made it easy to trust that she would put out quality and thoughtful items. And people they are GOOD. Another plus - many of them can be found on QVC. I swear I could probably do a post a week on my fave QVC items... but that's for another time, another day!

The first product I got from her was the 100 Days of Joy and Strength devotional. I loved it. It felt like I was sitting and talking with a friend, listening to her stories and learning something. And in a morning devotional, that for me is a must. I need it to fill my cup, make me think and practice gratefulness. It has an area where you can journal that I mainly used to write down 5 things I am grateful for every morning. I loved it so much, I ordered her three other devotional guides.

These devotionals are different than the others. They are more like a study and invoke a lot of thought about the message being taught. They are meant to be read every morning and you know, there are just some mornings I don't get to sit with these even though I'd like to. I don‘t get as much reading time in as I should - everyday books included. With the boys home full time the distraction is there and I think this is honestly why I watch so much TV. It‘s just on in the background and it doesn't require much attention. But when I do make the time, as I have been several days a week with these devotionals since I got them, I am grateful they are short and meaningful reads that take less than 8 minutes and I can start my day in a really positive way. Like carving out time to exercise, everyone has 8 minutes to read something, right?!

The next product of hers I received for Christmas from Rob last year. It is her Bible and gosh, it's GORGE. But a Bible isn’t there to sit and look pretty, it’s there to read, learn and grow from His message.

And I feel this Bible was the one for me- she has devotional pages summing up the stories and it's also written in a way I can follow. There are several reading plans if you need guidance, which I do. This Bible also celebrates WOMEN! She highlights all the women in the Bible with her “Meet” series within each book. That was a happy surprise I didn’t realize was there until I started reading my first book. And I’m so here for it.

I don’t know if I will be one of those readers who finish in a year (actually I do know I won‘t be a reader in a year and that’s ok! My track record with reading proves it. Slow and steady wins the race...) I have always been a spiritual person and in 2019 I really connected with my faith. Since Covid, it's been hard to really sit down and focus on it. Streaming church service hasn’t worked well for our family. I miss this piece in my life. We were going regularly before the pandemic and I am someone who lives with anxiety - my faith has helped me through at times. I've always had interest in reading the Bible and am still slightly intimidated but this Bible definitely makes it a little less intimidating. My goal for 2021 is to read a book or two (or many- let's see how far I can go... I just finished the Book of Luke)

These products won't be for everyone and I know that. But if they are for you and find you have been looking for something new to incorporate into your daily routine, these did not disappoint! Walking around with a full cup often thanks to CCB!

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