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A few of my favorite February (Part 2)

Now this next favorite of mine in February is one I am Ex.Cit.Ed to talk about. I’ve been using it for about 8 weeks and I’m obsessed.

Candace in my opinion looks amaze for her age - not old, not too young. I can’t describe it but when I’m 44 I can only hope I look half as good. She is honest about her routine and also about what she gets done professionally. It made sense the next item of hers I tried was the skincare she swears by. I mean the combination of Candace and QVC automatically make me hit that “add to cart button.”

She endorsed Dr. Lancer's The Method for about a full year until I said let's give it a go. People - it has worked WONDERS on my skin. I want to be totally transparent and tell you I do get Botox, but Covid has made it hard to keep up with it. It's been a solid 5 months since my last injection and I wasn't using any other preventative skin care...I know, I know. It was time to start one.

I finally was sold during a 24-hr. TSV (if you don’t follow QVC that's “Today’s Special Value" and you need at least one TSV in your lifetime!) of Dr. Lancers “Try Me” bag. It includes three 2 oz. bottles of his 3 step routine plus one of his advanced treatments, an Omega Hydrating Oil. The first time I used it, I felt like I walked out of a facial. The sample pack for me was the way to go because for $75, you can try the entire method to make sure it's for you. And I am happy to report, The Method has made my skin softer than it's ever been and I personally feel I can see a small difference in my fine lines!

You “Polish” first (exfoliant), “Cleanse” second (soft, creamy cleanser) and top it off with “Nourish” (the moisturizer). The exfoliator is soft yet gets into your pores, the creamy cleanser is so smooth and light. And this moisturizer - my skin has never felt so hydrated. And this is coming from the girl who legit used Vanicream on her face because of my dry skin. Also to note: the Polish has no smell to it, Cleanse has sort of a sweet, flower smell and Nourish also in my opinion, has little to no smell.

I have never used super fancy skincare. Neutrogena has basically been my go to for years because it works (I started saying hello to adult acne at 33), and also the price if I am being honest. I was scared the switch would make my skin go crazy and also to commit to skincare that is a bit more expensive. Happy to say it has done the opposite. Nothing extreme when it came to product-induced breakouts and catching it on a deal day, it doesn’t break the bank. In fact, my small 2 oz. bottles took me all the way until this week - meaning a regular 4 oz. bottle could last me 4 months using it 2x a day. Making the investment around $30/mo. That's no Neutrogena price but at the same time compared to some others, not too bad. The TSV I got for the set is no longer available, but keep an eye out! Around every 2 months one of his products pops up on special!

I ordered some advanced treatments recently- eye cream, hydrating oil and a peel (oil not pictured because I just ran out of my sample, full bottle is currently in the mail!) I'll be sure to keep you posted on the add-ons. It's been about 4 weeks and I’m enjoying them but I feel I will for sure have a better review after a few more weeks of use. The peel, which in all honesty makes my routine feel even more like a facial, I do 2x a week. The eye cream and oil daily. I love that fresh as a daisy feeling it gives me!

So after two blog posts, it's pretty obvious - every product Candace has put out or endorsed, I'm a fan of. As far as the skincare, it works for me. It’s important to acknowledge everyone has a different criteria when it comes to their routine and what they use in or on their bodies. If you are all about natural, clean beauty, that’s awesome! If you love the injections and chemicals, you do you. If you fall in between, which I like to think I do, and if you are looking for something new, research the product and ingredients of The Method to see if it's for you. QVC has tons of videos on them as well that are definitely a good afternoon watch!

Now to go wash my face...

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