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It was art from the start

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

I was always that kid who loved art. I hated being outside and would pass the day by copying every Disney VHS cover I owned until I could get the drawings just right. True story: I can still draw Eeyore simply from memory. I carried this passion through my teen years and into college where I traded a pencil for puffy paint during my sorority days. Shortly after, I taught myself how to knit via YouTube while a flight attendant for an international airline. And lastly, I found out how soothing laminating and cutting construction paper can be when making projects for my classroom of young preschoolers in my twenties. There truly isn’t an art material I don’t like.

Actually I take that back. My passion for lettering began shortly after my second son was born. I always had what I like to call “teacher handwriting” (when I try... my quick everyday handwriting is quite special in a not good way, I promise you) and thought enveloping would be fun and a good side gig for some extra money for date nights with my husband. Made sense for a calligraphy pen to be my new art tool of choice, right?! Oh, think again. I am no natural calligrapher - the pen was not my friend. There went my enveloping business before it began...

But I wanted to do something, have something for myself. I am was grateful to be home with my boys, still am but knew I could use my creative energy outside of our home in some way. I may not be able to work a calligraphy pen for your enveloping but can work wonders with a paint or chalk pen.

What fun it was to mimic calligraphy letters in a modern way through hand lettering. I couldn’t put it down. With some doodling practice in between naps and feedings, and some help behind the scenes from my main squeeze, Rob, Creations by KK was born on Etsy!

I didn't know what I was doing or where it would go. I launched during the holiday season. It was crazy town, in a good way. Taught me so much, so fast. And I got to make things that relate to my favorite time of the year (above is one of my very first signs I made - like ever...) If you have followed me on Instagram, you know I celebrate Christmas not only during the typical holiday months but also in July - and if you know me personally, you know that I basically celebrate Christmas in my personal life year round.

Fun fact: Rob proposed to me Oct. 29 while watching... National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It's our favorite. And it was perfect.

When the holiday rush ended, I thought maybe this new venture of mine would lull. I had a friend who kept telling me to be prepared, and that it won't be busy throughout the year, that the interest in my shop was during the holidays only. Happy to report, she was wrong (also happy to report: my lettering has evolved so much...) Etsy was the ideal platform for me to start. And now four years later I am so excited to be launching this new site and blog!

I never envisioned myself to have a blog. I am no influencer. In fact, I tend to do social media "cleanses" several times a year to unplug and drown out all the noise. So being a true personality would probably never work. But I do love sharing ideas, especially when it involves my home or favorite things (like headbands!) And through some interaction with my followers on Instagram, I figured this could be a good go-to space for some of those ideas. And I’ll throw in some personal quirks about myself in between. I have no idea what I am doing - or what to share off the bat. So here I am - taking this for a spin. Thanks for taking the ride with me!

xo, KK

P.S. Where is the KK from you ask?! Dates back to New Years Day 2010 when I was trying to impress my then boyfriend (soon to be husband) and his friends with my excellent board game skills. A few drinks in and games later, I shared three dreams... why, I have no idea- I was nervous and rambling - and yes, at 24 years old, my fan girl self

said one of them was to be Kate Kardashian (let us never forget how amazing seasons one and two were people... this dream I like to argue was valid at the time). Thus, KK was born ♥️

Laughing at me yet?! Because I do every day. The dream faded fast but the nickname stuck. And not gonna lie, I think it has a nice ring to it!

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